Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

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Graverobbers open the grave of the Wolfman and awake him. He doesn't like the idea of being immortal and killing people when the moon is full, so he tries to find Dr. Frankenstein, in the hopes that the Dr. can cure him, but Frankenstein is dead and only his Monster is alive and this one wants to live, not to die like the Wolfman.

  • Roy William Neill
  • Curt Siodmak
Classic SciFi icon 6/8
  • Release Date: 1943-03-05
  • Views: 314
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 74

Lon Chaney Jr.

Lawrence Stewart Talbot, the wolfman

Bela Lugosi

The Frankenstein Monster

Patric Knowles

Dr. Frank Mannering

Ilona Massey

Baroness Elsa Frankenstein

Maria Ouspenskaya

Maleva the Gypsy

Lionel Atwill

Mayor of Vasaria

Rex Evans

Vazec the Innkeeper

Dennis Hoey

Insp. Owen

Cyril Delevanti

Freddy Jolly (1st graverobber)

Tom Stevenson

2nd Graverobber

Harry Stubbs

Guno, Vasaria policeman

Dwight Frye

Rudi, a Vasarian

Don Barclay

Franzec, a Vasarian

Adia Kuznetzoff

Festival Singer

Doris Lloyd

Cardiff Hospital Nurse

Charles Irwin

Cardiff Police Constable

David Clyde

Llanwelly Police Sergeant

Torben Meyer

Erno, a Gypsy

Jeff Corey

Llanwelly Cemetery Keeper

Martha Vickers

Maid at Inn (extra)

Beatrice Roberts

Barmaid (extra)

Anne G. Sterling

Gypsy Girl (extra)

Sonia Darrin

Villager at Festival (extra)

Lance Fuller

Villager (extra)